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Wise Pens International Limited is a European consultancy specialising in maritime security policy and advice. The group members amass between them an immense amount of experience both as active service naval officers and after retirement in different capacities including teaching, mentoring and lecturing in academe to government, institutional and think tank consultancy, to executive responsibilities, all closely related to the maritime world. Although the group were incorporated formally in May 2011, the group members have been colleagues for some years, working together as a team for two years, which has ensured a deep understanding of each other strengths, contacts and particular fields of expertise.

All five members have reached the senior ranks of leading European navies with major responsibilities in the defence, naval and policy establishment of their five European nations, as well as possessing significant qualitative and unique capabilities. Much of those responsibilities have been exercised through multinational organisations or joint staffs, which has ensured a deep understanding of national and multilateral strategy, policy development and implementation, as well as international military and security operations. They keep individual and collective links to NATO, EU and non-EU nations, their national establishments and think-tanks with maritime security interests.

This unique expertise has been reflected in the Wise Pens being commissioned by the EDA over the past two years to conduct two major studies into maritime surveillance within the European Union. The studies were delivered to time and cost and have been widely circulated and acclaimed. A proposed template for a Maritime Security Strategy for the EU that was drafted unsolicited has also gained wide currency among specialists, and has been frequently quoted in lectures and seminars.