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About us

Wise Pens International Ltd is a European consultancy specialising in maritime security policy and advice.  With deep experience of national and multilateral strategy, policy development and implementation  as well as many years of global security operations, the group is uniquely placed to provide authoritative orientation and advice to governmental and non governmental organisations, companies and individuals, whether they are already active in the maritime domain  or considering new business development in commerce, fisheries, leisure or resource exploitation.


In the last for years Wise Pens International has been commissioned by the European Defence Agency to conduct several major studies into different subjects within the generic theme of maritime security. The studies were delivered to time and cost and have been widely circulated and acclaimed, and have been officially praised by the EU Parliament.

Individually the international staff bring in depth experience of major European maritime nations at the highest level, with links to NATO, EU and other organisations and national think tanks with maritime security interests.



Wise Pens International provides in-depth independent analysis of potential risks in new ventures in the maritime sphere, together with strategies and solutions.

The wide multinational staff composition is well placed to provide analysis and advice to private business, international organisations, governments and Non-Governmental Organisations in such fields as Maritime Security Sector Reform, humanitarian aid and capacity building in developing and war-torn countries.