WPI members

VAdm Sir Anthony Dymock

Born in Liverpool in 1949, Anthony Dymock retired after 40 years in the UK Royal Navy in 2008.  He commanded the frigates Plymouth, Campbeltown and Cornwall, the Second Frigate Squadron and the Invincible Carrier Battle Group having experienced crisis and conflict operations off Beira, Iceland, the Falklands, the Gulf (91), Kosovo and Sierra Leone. He served in the MOD’s Naval and Central (Joint) Staffs in the policy and capability areas. As an Admiral he commanded NATO Striking forces in the Mediterranean and Black Seas, served as the Head of British Defence Staff in Washington during the Iraq and Afghan campaigns and as the UK’s Military Representative to NATO and the EU in Brussels. He has lectured at Harvard, MIT, the National Defence and British Universities on NATO, EU and national security policy and operations. Recently he has worked with RUSI and as an independent adviser with the European Defence Agency and the EU Commission on the integration of European maritime surveillance. Currently he is working with Chatham House and as a Director of Wise Pens International Limited. He is also a mentor to the Higher Command and Staff Course at the UK Defence Academy and an appeal chairman with the National Museum of the Royal Navy in Portsmouth.

VAdm Lutz Feldt

Born on April 1945 in the hanseatic city of Greifswald, Vice Admiral Feldt joined the German Navy in April 1965 and was commissioned in 1968. Sea duty assignments for 13 years with leadership functions at all command levels, including two tours as Commanding Officer, provided a wide experience at sea with emphasis on operations, communication and electronic warfare. Shore duty included assignments in various naval staffs, the Federal Ministry of Defence, in NATO, as Assistant Chief of Staff Operations and Logistics; he became Commander Military District Coast, a national joint command, Commander in Chief of the German Fleet and Commander in Chief of Naval Staff in Bonn and Berlin. He retired after 41 years of active duty in April 2006. Since retiring, Admiral Feldt has assumed various honorary responsibilities, he became President of the German Maritime Institute and he has been contracted by the European Commission under the “Stability Instrument” for a study on ”Critical Maritime Routes”. From July 2009 to December 2010 he has been contracted by the EDA as a member of the Wise Pen Team on maritime surveillance and security.

VAdm Patrick Hebrard

Born in Saigon in 1949, Patrick Hebrard joined the French Navy as a naval aviator. He commanded a squadron of Super Etendard, a DDG and an aircraft carrier. Ashore, he has been the Chief of the aircraft-carrier Charles de Gaulle’s Project, before being committed in the Joint Staff successively as the Chief of the French Joint Operational Centre, DCDS Ops and Inspector of Operations and Territorial Defence. During this period, he visited forces engaged in Timor, Afghanistan, the Indian Ocean, the Balkans, Lebanon, Chad and Ivory Coast. He was promoted Vice-admiral in September 2004 and retired in December 2007. Vice Admiral Hebrard is now a consultant in strategy and crisis management. He is an Associate Fellow of the Foundation for Strategic Research, and a member of the Forum du Futur and the Institute of High Defence Studies. He is a regular speaker at various seminars and symposia. He has recently produced Think Pieces and Studies on Maritime Trade, the Indian Ocean, The Comprehensive Approach in Operations, and Wealth in the oceans. Since 2009, he has been contracted by the EDA as a member of the Wise Pen Team. He is also President of a charity for naval orphans.

VAdm Fernando del Pozo

Born in Barcelona in 1944, he joined the Spanish Naval Academy in 1961. He was commissioned July 1966, and achieved three-star rank in Dec 2003. As a junior officer he had assignments on board destroyers, frigates, and squadron staffs. He specialized in naval electronics, and obtained the Naval War College diploma in 1978. He commanded the FPB Cadarso, the corvette Diana, the frigate Victoria and the 41st Frigate Squadron, which he left to take command of NATO’s Standing Naval Force Mediterranean (Sep 97 – Sep 98). He had the distinction of being the first Spanish officer ever in command of a NATO force, achieving flag rank during this command. Ashore he has served in the Spanish Navy Mission in Washington D.C. (1980-85). From 1993 until 1997 he directed the Strategic Plans Branch in the Navy Staff. In Oct 1998 he was appointed Deputy Representative of SACLANT in NATO’s Military Committee until Oct 2001, when he became Deputy CinC Southern Atlantic in Oeiras (Portugal). In Jun 2004 he was elected by NATO’s CHODs as Director, International Military Staff, the first Spanish officer to be appointed to this post. He exercised this responsibility until Jun 2007. Having reached the end of his active naval career, Admiral del Pozo has been a project director in the think-tank Royal Institute Elcano on matters related to the EU and NATO, having published a number of articles and papers on defence and security related subjects in the Institute’s own publications, in Politica Exterior, Panorama Estratégico, Atenea, and other publications, as well as lecturing in various fora. Since July 2009 he has been a member of the Wise Pen Team (later WPI) working in maritime security affairs.

VAdm Ferdinando Sanfelice di Monteforte

Born in Rome in May 1944, he joined the Italian Naval Academy in 1962. He specialized in weapons and missiles in 1970, spent 18 years at sea, and was appointed, during his career, Commanding Officer of a Corvette, a Frigate, a Cruiser and the Second Naval Division. He served 15 years in international assignments, in Washington, in NATO and EU. His last two assignments were as Commander, Operation Active Endeavour and as Italian Military Representative to the Military Committees of NATO and EU. Retired in July 2008, he now teaches “Strategic Studies” at the Catholic University of Milan and at the University Cesare Alfieri of Florence, as well as “Politics of International Maritime Law” at the University of Trieste, Pole of Gorizia, and has been part of the EDA Wise Pens Team on Maritime Surveillance. He is member of the Board of the Italian Society of Military History and chairman of the Military Working Group of the Atlantic Treaty Association of Italy. He is member of the French Académie de Marine and is in the Jury of the Prix Davéluy on Strategy; he has written Strategy and Peace, I Savoia e il Mare, and La Strategia besides several essays on the Italian Navy, on the Navy of the Order of St. John and on strategic subjects in Italian, American and French reviews.

Dr Heiko Borchert

Born in 1970 in Lucerne, Switzerland, Dr Heiko Borchert is Owner and Managing Director of Sandfire, a strategic security and defense consulting boutique. Since 1997 he has been working for public and private sector clients across Europe on issues like security foresight, maritime security, energy and resource supply security, critical infrastructure protection, and defense industrial strategies. Dr Borchert is also affiliated with the Hague Center for Strategic Studies (HCSS) and is member of the Advisory Board of the Foreign and Security Policy Journal (Zeitschrift für Aussen- und Sicherheitspolitik, ZfAS). He is a conference speaker and lectures regularly at different universities and security/defense academies. Dr Borchert studied international relations, business administration, economics, and law at the University of St. Gallen (Switzerland), where he also received his PhD. He has published widely in his areas of work and is co-editor of a series of books on the theory and practice of the Comprehensive Approach. He joined Wise Pen International in 2014 as Associate Partner.