Wisepens International will provide on request in-depth analysis of the risks potentially incurred by a new business venture in the maritime domain, along with recommendations on the best strategies to circumvent or counter them. The widely multinational composition of our staff ensures availability of the best possible advice irrespective of national circumstances or particularities.

We can also provide analysis and advice for Governments, International Organizations or NGOs in matters such as Maritime Security Sector Reform, humanitarian aid or standing up of new entrepreneurships in the maritime field in recently ravaged by war or developing countries.

Wise Pens International provides in-depth independent analysis of potential risks in new ventures in the maritime sphere, together with strategies and solutions.

The wide multinational staff composition is well placed to provide analysis and advice to private business, international organisations, governments and  Non-Governmental Organisations in such fields as Maritime Security Sector Reform, humanitarian aid and capacity building in developing and war-torn countries.